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[19 Aug 1978|01:00am]

Characters: Lily Evans and Severus Snape
Date and Time: 18th August 1978, Late evening
Location: St Mungo's
Situation: Lily has work and finds Snape. Ethically she fixes him up.
Rating: U

Having the late shift, Lily was just arriving to work when she saw someone strewn outside the doors of St. Mungo's. Some nights there would be someone left there due to an incident that others didn't want to find out about. It was usually Dark Magic or involvement of illegal creatures or plants. As she got closer, Lily realized that it was none other than Snape. Truth was she wasn't little surprised that it didn't happen quickly. with a heavy sigh leaned down and twisted her lips. He was out cold.

Using the body moving charm, Severus Snape's body was now floating through St. Mungo's. Quite a sight actually as she tried to find him a room to go into. After a few minutes, she finally found him a bed, and started to clean him up, detesting every moment of it.
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[29 Jul 1979|05:07am]

Characters: Bella and Siri (and maybe Reggikins/Cissa/Andie?)
Date and Time: 30th July 1979, midday
Location: Hogsmeade
Situation: Who cares? Family reunion!
Rating: PG 13 for possible language kiddies...

Hogsmeade was bustling with its normal everyday activity. Buyers, sellers, tourists, blah de blah blah. Bellatrix didn't really care for all of that in particular. They could all be buying poisons for their neighbors and jinxes for their children...actually, Bella would probably be more interested if that was what they were doing. Outside of the Hogshead, a dark haired woman inhaled from a wizard's cigarette, the smoke issuing from it was purple..Exhale. Her back was leaning against the wall of the Hogshead, one foot propped up casually against the wall as well, her knee pointing outward. If she were anymore casual, she'd be lying down.
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[21 Jul 1978|05:41pm]

Characters: Bellatrix Black and Evan Rosier XD
Date and Time: July, late evening
Location: A randomly chosen darkened alley.
Situation: Muggle hunting for fun.
Rating: 18

Bellatrix was bored. Incredibly bored. So after writing a small bit in her journal she apparated to a dark, deserted alleyway in the middle of an area known for it's muggle activity...a place called Little Whinging. Odd name, but then again, these filth that inhabited the tiny little similar looking houses were odder yet. Just beyond the alleyway was a fenced in square with all sorts of oddly shaped metal structures...she wasn't sure what it was called, but the whimsical paint made her guess that it was for children. She slowly waltzed into the fenced in play area and found a seat on a mini bench-like seat that was suspended from a larger bar of metal by two chains. She wrapped one arm around one of the chains, her other hand resting against her knee, her wand resting idly in her hand.

And waited.
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